November, 29, 2021

Regional products

Regional tailored product

The rainfall and temperature climate product maps show the likelihood, as a percentage, of experiencing wetter/drier (and warmer/cooler) than median weather for the upcoming months and quarteers. For rainfall, additional information on the likelihood of rainfall exceeding particular totals (from 10mm to 700mm), as well as the rainfall totals that have a specific chance of occurring are also provided.

Downscaling Techniques

Downscaling techniques, using statistical methods, are used to produce regional climate information for impact and adaptation studies. Statistical downscaling techniques may be performed on Monthly and Seasonal forecasts. In order to run Statistical downscaling, the Climate Predictability Tool (MFDAS) will be used for the Monthly forecasts and seasonal forecast. A GRIB to MFDAS convertor will feed MFDAS (Météo-France Downscaling based on Climate Prediction Tool) which runs under Linux. Statistical downscaling techniques will be performed on monthly and seasonal forecasts. This processing will run on the provided dedicated MFDAS server, using inputs from CIPS integrated LRF database.