November, 22, 2019

Climate Outlook Forum 2018 (SARCOF-22)

The Twenty Second Annual Southern Africa Regional Climate Outlook Forum (SARCOF-22) 

The Twenty Second Annual Southern Africa Regional Climate Outlook Forum (SARCOF-22) was held in Lusaka, Zambia from 22nd to 24th August 2018 to present a consensus outlook for the 2018/2019 rainfall season over the SADC region.  Before the forum, a training was organized at the SADC-CSC Early Warning System laboratory (Gaborone, Botswana) for climate scientists from the SADC National Meteorological and/or Hydrological Services on the 13-20 August 2018 to formulate this Outlook. 

Documents from the Forum may be downloaded from the links below

SARCOF-22 Statement
Climate Early Warning Advisory Note
Opening Ceremony Programme
SARCOF-22 Programme
Speech by SADC Secretariate Representative Dr Faka
Keynote address by PS, Mr. Lungu
Day 1
Verification of 2017/2018 Season
Historical climate impacts of the El Nino Southern
Feedback from Agriculture & Food Security working group
Feedback from Water & Energy working group
Feedback from Conflict Early Warning working group
Feedback from Disaster Risk Management working group
Feedback from Health working group
Day 2
Current state of the Atmosphere
Global Outlook vs Regional downscaling
Downscaled forecast
ACMAD technical note - Zambia case
Sectoral analysis - Agriculture
Sectoral analysis - Water and Energy
Sectoral analysis - Early Warning and Conflict
Sectoral analysis - Disaster Risk Reduction
Sectoral analysis - Health
Day 3
Building Resilience to Disasters through Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation (SARCIS-DR)
Weather and Climate information for DRM: gap analysis and continental experiences (ACMAD)
Lessons learned in Climate Smart Agriculture initiative in southern Africa (SACAU)
African Risk Capacity
Climate and DRM - Malawi
Climate and DRM - Eswatini
Climate and DRM - South Africa